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January 2022

To Our Friends, Supporters and Community,


2020-2022 was something none of us could have anticipated. It that forced us to face challenges many of us never could have imagined. Among those challenges were fear and the overwhelming weight of uncertainty — for our health, for our finances, for the lives and sanity of ourselves, our friends and family — but as the year progressed, we met that fear and uncertainty with strength, bravery, ingenuity, and kindness.


We learned to pivot and innovate in the face of hard times and more than any other year we learned the value of our community, the value of each other. We learned how far our arms will stretch to reach out to those in need. We relearned the value of all the things that just a year ago we may have taken for granted.


From securing warm shelter and meals for the homeless and hungry (leading to the creation of a formal food security program and community garden) to establishing a STEAM program for Stouffville and educational supports for kids struggling with the new virtual landscape of education, to providing an affordable and accessible pop-up space for local crafters and incubating numerous new business initiatives, artisans and vendors, from kickstarting a direct and low-cost delivery program for local restaurants and merchants, and to ensuring seniors suffering from isolation felt acknowledged and loved during the holidays, we’ve spent all of the past few years immersing our efforts into the immediate needs of Stouffville.


This showed us how important the work we do at Hummingbird Hub is, and as normalcy crumbled, it revealed how much more work there still is to be done. But you have also shown us how much you value us.


For that we are incredibly grateful, and we would like to take this opportunity to thank you.  You had an important role to play in making these initiatives become successful realities.


We know the challenges that began in 2020 are far from over, but we are looking forward to taking them on together and making the next year one we can feel proud of.  We look forward to working with you on this year’s initiatives, please contact us at any time for information, updates or to contribute.  Thanks again!


Yours in Support,

The Volunteers & Board of Hummingbird Hub

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