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A Partnership with Routes Connecting Communities
to Support Stouffville Restaurants & Merchants

Local Stouffville businesses interested in a low-cost delivery option instead of the expensive apps such as Uber Eats and Skip the Dishes, now have that available! The COVID-19 pandemic is ravaging many local small businesses and we need a solution that will help increase the chances that they will survive, and the people who own and run these businesses will be okay. With restrictions being very tight on the numbers of patrons entering an establishment, one way for businesses to respond to customer demand is to provide delivery. At the Hummingbird Hub we went looking for a low cost way to create such a delivery service, so we reached out to a partner organization, Routes Connecting Communities. The staff at Routes were excited by the idea of creating a new kind of service for the community. 


And so an on-demand live dispatch system was created utilizing community volunteers, all organized by the Hub. 
There is now a dedicated dispatch line, generously donated by Stouffville's Freedom Mobile, available 7 days a week.

Participating restaurants and merchants are to text or call all customer orders they receive into into this line to arrange for a driver.

Hummingbird Hub is coordinating recruitment of the volunteer drivers, and the more drivers we get the more comprehensive a delivery program we will have! If you are interested in being a volunteer driver, or know of someone who is, please get in touch with us and we will get them signed on with Routes Connecting Communities.

To sign up as a volunteer driver you'll need:

  • To provide a copy of your driver’s licence, direct deposit info and a passport style photo (for ID badge);

  • Let us know your availability and the distance you are willing to drive;

  • To sign a confidentiality form;

  • To read our COVID-19 transportation protocol and sign off on the letter of understanding.
    (Note: not everything in this document will be applicable, as you will not be taking passengers)

Gloves and masks will be provided and volunteer drivers will receive 50¢/KM. It is ok to be available for only a couple hours per week, just let us know when! 


Restaurants and merchants can call into the dispatch line at 1-647-509-FOOD (3663) when a delivery is requested with:

  • Name of Restaurant / Merchant;

  • Name, telephone number and address of customer;

  • Time of delivery; 

  • Delivery driver requested (if applicable).

Restaurants and merchants can choose if they prefer to charge the customer the delivery fee or opt to cover the fee themselves. There is a small charge to the business to cover overhead costs of supplying PPE to the drivers as well as billing and payments to them. All payments from the customer are transacted directly with the restaurant or merchant.  

All businesses interested in participating are encouraged to call the dispatch line or contact the Hummingbird Hub directly.


Fickle Pickle Family Restaurant

6302 MAIN ST.

The Smokery Kitchen & Bar

6140 MAIN ST.

Redefined Finds

6258 MAIN ST.

Main Street 

6236 MAIN ST.

Chic Thrills

6316 MAIN ST.

Moonflower's Metaphysical


AGI Kitchen & Wine

6146 MAIN ST.

Nature's Gifts and Organic Spa

6312 MAIN ST.

Baskin Robbins

5892 MAIN ST., SUITE 207

The Cornerhouse
on Main

6403 MAIN ST.

Candlelight and Memories

6198 MAIN ST.

Julie Williams Fine Art Photography


When you are placing your order with a restaurant or shopping at a local merchant make sure to inquire about delivery options! If a business is participating in our program they will know to call into our dispatch line, listed above and coordinate the delivery for you. Reminder: our volunteer drivers will not collect payment, so tips are greatly appreciated!

Routes Connecting Communities is an organization that specializes in organizing volunteer drivers within the community for those that find conventional methods of transport to be a challenge. They specialize in supporting vulnerable people in the community and have been in operation for over 30 years in the Georgina area.

It is part of the Hummingbird Hub's mission to serve and support our community and the businesses within it, in times of greatest need. In this spirit, the Hub will not receive any income from the Skip the Apps program. It is 100% volunteer run.

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